My first Sex Experience in Bangalore


My first Sex Experience in Bangalore

The first sex experience is a memorable experience for all. Losing your virginity is one of the most pleasurable and exciting experiences. This is the first transition from the virtual world to the real world where one gets to experience things in practice rather than a visual experience. Young girls and guys masturbate too often till the point they lose their virginity. An Escort in Bangalore can be a good experience for young men who are looking to have a memorable first- time experience. The sex experience in Bangalore is enhanced when you are in the company of a lovely escort with a nice pair of boobs. img

The Bangalore escort was hired from an escort service in Bangalore. Bangalore escort services offer the most attractive girls who are patient and friendly with their clients. I was lucky to have the company of a Bangalore model escort who was around 25 years old. I booked a budget hotel room but the Bangalore independent escort was comfortable with the room. I had arranged for some liquor. She came in a pair of low waist blue denim jeans and a tight short top which was just an inch above her belly button. She introduced herself as Monica and sat down and asked me to relax since the high profile model escorts Bangalore knew that it was the first time. Soon I found her taking my tshirt and denim off and in no time I was in my Calvin Klein Underwear. Soon I could feel my erect cock inside my underwear. She was also in her inners! Escorts in Bangalore are exceptionally beautiful and I could see her beautiful asset. She was slim but a little chubby around the tummy area. She came close to me and I kissed her passionately. Soon we were making out passionately and she lowered her panty to slowly guide my dick to her pussy.img

Those days I didn’t know how to put on a condom. She helped me out with it! The escort in Bangalore made my day. This was for my best sex experience in Bangalore. The first time I jacked my dick into her pussy; I felt a sudden shiver down my spine. I jerked off a lot of cum the first time I penetrated her pussy. She helped me take off the condom since it was thick of the fluid. I felt a little tired and she asked me to lie down on the bed for a while.

We kept chatting and making out while running my finger along with her belly button and pussy occasionally. I got a firm erection after an hour and this time, I dominated her and did not ejaculate before 5 minutes. She moaned and I cum on her face and it was a little naught from my part though. I took a tissue to wipe the cum from her face and the decent college girls in Bangalore were ready for the final thrust. This time she made sure I cum on her hands and made me masturbate on the high profile model escorts Bangalore hand! The Bangalore call girls escort can make your sex life enjoyable.

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